October 2013 “The Station”

Family Roots… 

So, John Radcliffe’s family used to own a gas station, Last Chance Gas, years ago. They had one employee, Otis, he took care of the station. Some weird ass infection broke out there and it turned John into a monster? I haven’t been able to find any photos of the said “monster” so I’m not sure exactly what that means. That’s what the rumors are, at least. He was at the station fueling his car the day the infection broke out.

With some digging I found out the family also had an insane asylum a mile down the road, this just keeps getting stranger. John was so sick from that infection that his own family locked him up in their asylum. He was rumored to break out and find his way back to the station to “seek revenge” every now and again. Asylum security would be called to transport John back to the facility.

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