October 2014 “The Underground”

Family Roots…

The man from the station, Otis. Rumor has it, he had a secret love affair with John Radcliffe’s mother! The reason he was at the gas station the year prior was to confront Otis about the affair! Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s when that said infection broke out.

So, the year John Radcliffe was locked in his family’s Asylum he became schizophrenic due to his sickness. He even tried to start his own practice in his room at the asylum! His room was in the basement, he was the only room in this underground area of the facility. John’s room was the last door on the right at the bottom of the elevator shaft, it was at the end of this hallway that was cut into rock.

John would breakout of the facility and find himself back at the gas station looking for Otis! This is the same information I gathered from last year. As revenge John was going to use Otis as his first patient in his electroshock therapy practice! Is this why John got the name “monster”? He wasn’t a real doctor but rumors surfaced that you could hear the intercom system paging Dr. John Radcliffe.

He was never able to get his hands on Otis, instead Dr. Radcliffe would perform electroshock treatments on himself! He would strap himself in a wheelchair and the rumors say “a figure would drape a white sheet over the Dr. and throw the switch” after 3 and even sometimes 4 throws of the current John would remove the sheet from himself in the chair… But was the actual person throwing the switch, the chair was empty! This just keeps getting stranger and stranger! Who else was in the room with him? Was anyone actually there?

Frightmare Studios presents: “The Underground”

As you approach the que line you are met out front with two pillars.  On top of the pillars sat globe lamps lighting the face of our gate keeper, a bum from the area who took refuge in the old abandoned building.  One pillar attached a sign that read “Insane Asylum”.  As our gate keeper would let you past you could hear the cracks of thunder a flashes of lightning would light up the two story asylum.

After passing through the front doors you were standing in an old run down and abandoned receptionist area.  The ceiling was falling down, paint was falling from the walls and behind the reception desk stood a man in blue scrubs wearing a surgical mask.  Over the intercom system a very loud but static voice would say “Paging Dr. Radcliffe you are wanted in K Ward for immediate shock treatment.”

The doctor would bring you around the reception desk and lead you back a hallway to an elevator.  He would press the button to summon the elevator and you could hear it climbing from the basement to the ground level. The elevator bell would ding and the elevator door would slide open.  A nurse would be standing inside the door and excuse herself asking ifithe doctor has seen any other patients. The nurse passes you as you enter the elevator.  Entering the old elevator you would be standing on old grates and be able to peer all the way down the elevator shaft.  The doctor enters the elevator with you and presses the down arrow.  The elevator slowly starts it’s decent, the cables are creeking and you look down through the grate and see the elevator moving.  Suddenly the elevator stops and a loud cable snap is heard as you plummet downward.  The elevator cart is shaking during it’s last few feet of decent and then it’s over it stops.  The door opens and you are standing in an old dark and damp basement carved into the ground. You’re in K Ward the cave of the Radcliffe Insane Asylum the area where the doctor has been locked up performing treatment on himself.

You step from the elevator and walk back a dim lit hallway chissled from rock, the feel of the stones on your hands as you pass through and the only light is from flickering oil lamps hung on the cave walls.  At the end of the hallway was a single door, the doctor would open the door and inside the room was 3 chairs, what looked to be an operation observation room.

The doctor would ask you to take your seat and he would walk around into the room and roll out a patient on an old antique wheelchair.  The patient looked dead, skin hanging from his bones, eyes sunk deep into his skull.  He was chained up onto the chair so he couldn’t move he was thrashing about.  The doctor would then run cables from the giant electrical panel and hook them up to the patient in the chair.  He would take a white sheet and throw it over the head and chair of the patient then walk over to a giant throw switch on the wall across the room from the electrical panel.  The doctor would throw the switch and loud pops and Sparks would fly from the electrical panel as the patient was being electrocuted, he was thrashing about in his chair.

Suddenly the door you entered through swung open and in ran an escaped patient screaming.  The nurse you met in the elevator ran in behind him and grabs the patient and pulls him from the room. The doctor would throw the switch two more times with the same outcome until the patient no longer moved.

The doctor would then walk over to the patient in the wheelchair and rip off the sheet. No one was there, the wheelchair was completely empty.  In shock the doctor would stumble backwards towards you as you were still in your seat.  He would turn around and pull off his hood and scream “Welcome to Frightmare!” The patient that was sitting in the chair was now standing directly in front of you wearing the same outfit as the doctor had on just a minute prior. The scare was priceless, was there even a doctor? The man standing in front of you was the man you met entering the receptionist area. You were face to face with the psyopath Dr. John Radcliffe.

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